Glenn is an accomplished documentary director, comfortable working with A-list talent, sensitive subject matter, and in hostile environments.

Even when he is showrunning and series producing he chooses to direct and storyboard key sequences.

He has written for and directed high profile name such as Will Smith, Stanley Tucci, Michael Sheen, Tina Turner, David Walliams and Dale Winton.

He has filmed elephants in the Namibian desert, religious cults in India and rock stars across Europe.

On One Strange Rock he directed and interviewed most of the key astronaut talent. On Masterchef he dircted all the presenter pieces.

As well as being comfortable. with high profile talent he is also an experienced journalist and has conducted sensitive interviews with crime victims and violent criminals.

He has directed documentaries for the main channels on subjects as diverse as crime, neuroscience and cooking; self shot documentaries in India, South East Asia and North America; and directed access based documentaries on religious cults, the UK police, and the porn industry.

In 2000 he directed the first ever TV documentary on Jordan aka Katie Price.

Glenn started his directing career at MTV where he directed over 100 music, news and film reports. Including directing: Mariah Carey, James Brown, Jon Bon Jovi, Beastie Boys, Massive Attack, David Bowie, Meg Ryan, and Kermit the Frog.

Secrets of the Elephants

EMMY nominated series for Disney+

Glenn set the series style and spent 4 weeks in the Namibian desert directing the first episode – Desert Elephants.

One Strange Rock

one strange rock

Role: Series Producer

10 x 60′ series for National Geographic Channel.

The story of life on Earth told by astronauts, the only people to have left the planet.

Over 3 years in the making. Filming in 44 countries.
Presented by Will Smith.

Production Company: Nutopia in association with Darren Aronofsky’s Protozoa Pictures

TX March 2018

Watch the trailer

The Brain with David Eagleman

Role: Producer/Director
Channel: BBC / PBS

“… David Eagleman’s absorbing rummage in the contents of our heads, which has been both a riveting precise of what we do know about the human brain and a humbling reminder of how much we still don’t” The Guardian

Production Company: Blink Films

TX:  2015

Celebrity Masterchef

Role:  Series Producer – Celebrity Masterchef 2010

Nominated Best Factual Programme at National TV Awards

Channel: BBC  Production Company: Shine

The 90s: The Last Great Decade?


Role:  Series Producer
Channel: National Geographic

Mega-doc series narrated by Rob Lowe.  6 x 60′

The story of the 90s told through the prism of pop culture.

Featured contributions from: Tony Blair, General Colin Powell, Matthew Perry, Martin Sheen, Ice Cube, Monica Lewinsky, Susan Sarandon, Roseanne Barr and more.

Production Company: Nutopia
TX: 2014

The Real Dirk Diggler

john holmes

Role: Producer/Director

60’ documentary on seventies porn star John Holmes – the inspiration for the Hollywood movie “Boogie Nights”


“a grimly fascinating snapshot …..managed to convey the naked truth about Holmes, the older, uglier, saggier bit-players who live on and the whole sorry business of pornography. “ Guardian


Official Selection Chicago Documentary Festival


Channel:  Five     Production Company: Vashca

Crime Invasion with Rageh Omaar

Role:  Executive Producer

Hard hitting current affairs series investigating the new organised crime gangs that now dominate Britain.

Each of the gangs featured in the series has its roots in other countries and have been able to successfully establish bases in Britain, from where they now operate.

Included testimonies from victims and gang members, police access and undercover filming.


Sky / Vashca


Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph- 4 October part 2



The Observer - 30 September

Daily Mail

Daily Mail - 4 October

Towers of London: A Rockumentary

Role: Executive Producer

A 10 x 30′  rockumentary series following the punk rock band Towers of London. The real Spinal Tap.


“a sash-wearing, bouquet-waving triumph. A scrambled-egg mess of cheese-string limbs, phlegm, swearing, exclamation marks, malapropisms, vomit, rudeness, nudeness, monstrously narrow trouser-legs, bellowing punkrock daftness, dumb-as-a-bell declarations of greatness and hair that looks as if it’s been assembled from the contents of a hoover used to clean a field, they make for astonishing viewing”
The Guardian

Channel: Bravo  Production Company: Vashca


Britain & Ireland From The Sky in 3D

Role:  Series Producer / Writer / Director

“Stunning visual poetry”
The Times

Aerial tour of  the UK featuring narration and personal stories from well known British & Irish personalities, including James Nesbitt, Ashley Jensen, Michael Sheen. Involved complex 3D helicopter shoots.

Channel: Sky 3D    Production Company: Bigger Pictures


Some clips from the series. NB: The clips are in 2D!


My Little Soldiers (Novel)

glenn barden romcom


MY LITTLE SOLDIERS is a bittersweet romantic comedy about a man, his dysfunctional sperm and his attempts to make a baby.

“Heartwarming and hilarious”
Daily Mail

“With a punchy witty writing style and snappy dialogue this is the most honest insight into men since Tony Parsons.”
The Times

“Brutally honest, heartbreakingly funny”
“a little gem of a book”
“funny, sad, truthful”
“poignant, funny, fascinating”
– a selection of Amazon reader reviews

Released by Piranha Press in March 2014.

Has since received Wellcome funding to turn the novel into a feature film.

Read more here.

World’s Strangest – Showrunner

Role: Showrunner
Science Channel / Boundless

8 x 60′ series exploring the science behind the world’s strangest phenomenons and creations.

The freaky true life stories include: Spider Goats, Dead Bird Rain, Pixie Dust, the secret chamber beneath Grand Central terminal, the Worlds Smallest Car, the strange caves of Cappadocia, Missile Silo Homes, Drug sniffing Bees, Vortex Lake

Touch The Truck


Role: Format co-creator and Series Producer

A televised endurance contest presented by Dale Winton
Broadcast on Channel  5, 2000.

“ masterful hypnotic television”
Daily Telegraph

“….like the inside of Homer Simpson’s head… a work of unmitigated genius…….”
Sunday Express

“I’m addicted to it …….Its brilliant.”
Paul McCartney

“Possiby the worst TV idea ever”
Sunday Times


20 contestants stand round a truck (4×4 road vehicle) in a shopping centre.

The rules are simple.

1. Contestants must stand, with one hand touching the car at all times.

2. Contestants must NOT fall asleep.

The person who stands touching the vehicle the longest wins the truck.


This deceptively simple contest made compelling HIGH DRAMA TV that has captivated TV audience across the globe, delivering huge audience ratings and massive press interest wherever it has been broadcast.






The UK contest was won by Jerry Middleton with a UK record of  81 hours 43 minutes and 31 seconds.

I Predict A Riot


Role: Series writer/producer/director

A 10 x 30′ investigation into the history of civil disorder in the UK presented by Loaded founder James Brown.

“Intelligent mix of analysis and bone crunching footage”
Daily Telegraph

“a very watchable look at some of Britain’s most notorious recent disorders”


Episode 1: The Poll Tax Riot


glenn barden

Role:  Producer/Director
90′ Channel 4

The tale of hellraising bad boys Oliver Reed, Keith Moon, Richard Harris, and Alex Higgins.

“a rollicking good watch”
Time Out

Sat Night 9pm  2.5 million viewers