One Strange Rock – Series Producer 

one strange rock



The Brain with David Eagleman  – Producer / Director 

“utterly enthralling” 
The Guardian

“an exceptional mind-bending series”
The Times

“mind blowing” 
TV Times


Towers of London – Executive Producer 

“a sash-wearing, bouquet-waving triumph. A scrambled-egg mess of cheese-string limbs, phlegm, swearing, exclamation marks, malapropisms, vomit, rudeness, nudeness, monstrously narrow trouser-legs, bellowing punkrock daftness, dumb-as-a-bell declarations of greatness and hair that looks as if it’s been assembled from the contents of a hoover used to clean a field, they make for astonishing viewing”
The Guardian


The Real Dirk Diggler – Writer/Director

“a grimly fascinating snapshot …..managed to convey the naked truth about Holmes, the older, uglier, saggier bit-players who live on and the whole sorry business of pornography. “  
The Guardian


Crime Invasion with Rageh Omaar

Daily Telegraph

The Observer


Holiday Around My Bedroom – Executive Producer

 “meditation with laughs”
The Times

“quirky, thought provoking ..extraordinary” 
Daily Telegraph


Touch The Truck – Format Creator / Series Producer

“ masterful hypnotic television”
Daily Telegraph

“….like the inside of Homer Simpson’s head… a work of unmitigated genius…….”
Sunday Express

“I’m addicted to it …….Its brilliant.”
Paul McCartney

“Possiby the worst TV idea ever”
Sunday Times